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Closure of the Letter Carrier

To our valued customers

It is critical that you read this entire letter for important dates regarding this announcement.

We regret to inform you that The Letter Carrier will be closing its doors for good on Thursday August 28th. We will stop receiving packages on Saturday August 16th. Any delivery attempts after August 16th will be refused at our facility and will most likely be returned to the sender. This includes all carriers UPS, FedEx and USPS. All packages that are in our facility will be available for pickup during our normal business hours up until Thursday August 28th. Any packages left in our facility after close of business August 28th will either be returned to the sender or turned over to TSB Shipping on Gulf road. Those packages will be subject to TSB Shipping’s terms and conditions and policies.

As much as we would like to continue operating in Point Roberts we were unwilling to purchase the building we were in due to what in our opinion was the horrendous condition of the building. We could not justify spending that amount of money on a building that had been infested with rats the last five years. Although there was an exterminator coming out on a regular basis we literally had rats drag some of the packages off the shelf and chewed into boxes that contained clothing and eaten parts of the clothes. The constant roof leaks which would keep recurring and which may have caused the electric panel to keep popping a breaker was the final straw in this decision. We are of the opinion that there could be a lot of damage done to our customers packages under these circumstances and are unwilling to continue to risk that outcome. The radio towers which are most likely going to be built next door just add a potential health risk that isnt worth taking.

Since the person who did purchase the building has not, to our knowledge, resolved any of these issues and does not seem interested in renewing our lease it left us no choice but to close our doors.

We are currently negotiating a location in Blaine. We cannot provide an address for that location until a lease is signed. We expect to open this new location October 1st. If you are interested in using our services at our new Blaine facility you will need to indicate so by clicking on this link Registration Transfer and filling out the form which only requires your name, email address and phone number. Your current registration information will then be transferred over and you will be emailed the new shipping address for that facility once the lease is signed.

 We recommend that if you wish to continue receiving packages in Point Roberts that you begin using one of the following services:

TSB Shipping Plus

Point to Point Parcel

Considering that we have over 10000 active customers we realize that there will be a large increase in phone calls as a result of this letter. We will not be able to answer every call since this would result in out failing to provide the service you have come to expect as we wind down our operation. We will do the best we can with the phones.

In closing we want to thank all our loyal customers who helped make our company a success. If someone should reach out to you and tell you that we have reopened in Point Roberts please be aware that it is not true, I can assure you that we will never operate out of this Point Roberts address again after August 28th.

Affectionately yours,

Les and Nancy Lomedico


Phone:  (360) 945-0515
    Fax:  (360) 945-0979

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